Friday, April 21, 2006

too cold!

water was too cold this morning after all that rain. I was a big trooper and hung in for the whole workout. I never really got warm, though.
WU 4x100 Fr last 25 build
4x100 IM Dr Fly and Br

6x50 Fly K on bk arms down fins
6x50 Br Ez/Build
6x50 Bk K fins
6x50 Fr Ez/Build

3x(3x100 Fr descending 1-3, 2x100 Bk/Fr :10R!)
still cold!

3x300 Pu all 5:05
still cold! but not cooled down because I was trying to stay warm.
oh, well

dad has been under the weather big time. I am assuming he is doing better because my mom hasn't called to tell me otherwise!
have clients this morning. going to office this afternoon. motivation=LOW
enjoying the rain. going to a meeting in the "other room" tomorrow. strongly suggested by several people.
I filled out a survey about social support the other day. I realized my jewish mom clients are probably the strongest source of social support because they all know how to talk about their feelings, and they all know how to hear me. they can be very objective because I am not their kid, and they have had lots of therapy. I was kvetching about them kvetching, but I really get a lot more from them than I give. supposed to go to the baseball game tonight. brad didn't seem like he wanted to go. he has a meeting that he doesn't remember what time it starts, and he doesn't know how long it will last. when I asked if he could ask his boss for an estimate of start/stop time, he seemed irritated.
insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results. I wish I knew how to do it differently. I am finally in enough discomfort about it that I am willing to try anything.
this semester I have noticed my controlling "tendency" (let's be gentle) with my students. this is somewhat adaptive because it's deep water, danger, etc, but I can see that I have a hard time finding a balance. this is one reason why I think I am afrad to have kids. how will I ever let go and yet still provide guidance. what a hard line to walk.
one client told me about mentoring a kid who has an incarcerated parent. wow. there's not much fine tuning, there. just show up and talk and play.

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