Wednesday, April 19, 2006


got in 5000m this morning. we circled. I am liking it. I am the middle speed. Chris is faster and Scott is slower. Scott is a sprinter, but is nice and let's me go 2nd even on the short stuff. Mark broke his collar bone.
I am REALLY feeling apprehensive about riding outside.

got to eat at Frank & Angie's with Stacy and Steve last night. they are both really liking their jobs. that is great news. I was anticipating more good news, but not yet....:)

students turned in nutrition lab. I am always amused by the alcohol consumption. amateurs. or underreporting. one person didn't underreport. I think I still could have drunk him under the table in the old days. all we need to find out is a keg of shiner and a time machine. thanks be to God I don't have to be 23 and under ever again.

WU 400 free
400 K fins
300 pu

I. 8x[(200)(100)(50)(25) in a row = all the 200's first, then all the 100's...] R:15 btwn the 8's, 2:00 between each leg. 1-2 moderately fast, 3-4 faster, 5-6=all out, 7-8 easy.
(effort level increased, but my 25's didn't change time much. that was funny.

II. 12x50 K fins. 1-3, 7-9 EZ/build, 4-6, 10-12 EZ fast

CD 300 EZ Pu

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