Wednesday, April 05, 2006

happy bday, lana!

my mom is one of 5 or 6 people who reads my blog, so shout out to her. holla. happy birthday. 49. wow. teenage mom. that must have been rough.
and today is 4/5/6. at 1:02:03 am and pm it is 123456 today. whoa.

woke up WAY too early this morning. no reason. didn't get much done. balanced the quicken. made myself a latté. unfortunately, while my new starbucks latté maker does make drinks that taste just like the one I like from starbucks, it sounds like a freight train is coming in the kitchen for about 5 minutes that it takes to steam the milk. 3 days in a row brad has been amicable about it. unlike me who gets irritated when he doesn't put the towel/sound barrier up to muffle rockit's 4 am wakeup calls on the weekends. no, even I don't like to get up at 4 am on the weekends.

went back to the chiropractor yesterday. saw the life-size xrays of me from head to below my knees. it looked like it was a wonder I was standing upright at all. several noticable curves in my spine from the frontal view, and my cervical curve is not really there, lumbar curve is huge. pelvis is tilted and rotated. seems to make sense why I might have problems. but, why now, I guess is the question that can't be answered. he did the "adjustment" which took about 5 seconds. he likened it to unscrewing a rusty bolt - we have to do a little at a time. the thing he is trying to fix is at my sacroilliac joint. funny that the night before I was having pain there and had forgot to tell him that I sometimes do have pain there. anyway, I had some doubts, but his knowledge and sensibility have won me over so far. in three weeks I am going to pt for "unloaded" running - they can harness you into a treadmill and have you just bear 1/2 or more of your body weight. pretty neat.
meanwhile, I am swimming a lot, and biking some. I think I will be ok not running 3 more weeks. just going to be SO grateful when I can run, again. before the injury, I was trying to be mindful of being grateful that not only do I have 4 limbs that work well, but I can do all the activities in life that I want to do. this is truly a minor setback. I don't think I have been too whiny, so far, but I want to continue as such.
re: the starbucks machine. brad said, do you really think starbucks would sell a home machine that makes drinks exactly like the ones the sell in the store? I said yes, because people are lazy. he said people? I said yes, and people does not include me. of course.

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