Wednesday, April 05, 2006

swim workout this morning. challenging. so challenging that I didn't quite make all the intervals.

WU 200 free
400 K fins
3x100 IM on :10R

4x100 on 2:00 fast turns
4x100 on 1:55 fast from flags
4x100 on 1:50 last 25 fast
4x100 on 1:45 strong/fast x 50's
all free. staying on the interval. the last 4 were essentially a 400 free as fast as I could go at that point

4x200 IM :30R

6x50 fly K on back arms down fins
6x50 breast K
6x50 back K fins
all on :10R

CD 400 pull, 100 choice.

Went back to the chiropractor this morning. It is funny the people I tell I am going either have a strong, categorical opposition to chiropractors, or they love this particular one because he helped them so much. He, himself was in a bike accident that almost killed him, almost lost his leg. Now he rides again and has won big races. Wow. No more complaining about 3 more weeks off running!

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