Friday, March 31, 2006

spring forward=boo

I used to hate it because in the bars it meant an hour less of drinking. Now, I hate it because it means it's harder to get up at o'dark hundred. Oh, someday, Arizona....
Got letters composed to 4 "randomly chosen" HS's today, and little packets of solicitation.
Went to a chiropractor to help me with my detective work regarding the stress fracture. He took several xrays and is going to "study them and take measurements" before I see him again next week. Seems very reasonable. I liked him. I wonder, however, if I will start glowing in the dark. I have been irradiated a lot in the past couple of months. He told me not to run for THREE MORE WEEKS. I think I will need therapy for that. 5 weeks flew by. No problem. These past 5 days have lasted forever. My swimming is going well, however. I am going to ride outside tomorow. Whoa.

WU: 100 FR
300 DR
300 K
300 FR

I. 2x(3 x 100 FR on 2:05, 4 x 100 IM :20R, 100 FR all out)
200 DR/Swim

II. 9 x 100 FR on 2:15 descend 1-3. 4-6. 7-9. fastest ones :05 secs slower than all outs. My all outs were 1:38, 1:37. I managed to come in 1:39-1:41 on the fastest. I was very happy with that.

CD: 100 DR
200 IM K
100 DR
100 FR

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