Friday, March 24, 2006

OK, I am withdrawn from CDA. I also cancelled my hotel reservations that had a nonrefundable deposit. I tried to give the hotel woman on the phone a sob story (which is true) that I have a stress fracture and can't run. She, although expressed regret, did not give me back my deposit. I do get some money back from IMNA. I just would like to say, in writing, for the record, that I do not want to do another IMNA race. I will do a mom and pop IM distance like Boerne, but not IMNA. I am going on record. They are too expensive, and they are too assholey if you need to withdraw - like when Brad had to withdraw from IMCA a few years ago. And this time. However, Gulf Coast Half IM is the nicest of all time, and I would do that race, again. (Because I had to withdraw to get a tonsilectomy, and they gladly refunded at least 80% of my money). That was very cool. And I think they are an IMNA race. Buffalo Springs= not nice, IMCA= not nice, IMCDA= not nice, for the record.
Anyway, I feel relieved, so I am thinking I made the right decision. 400 IM and 5k running races, here I come.

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