Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a little pissed

I have been a little obsessed with why I have a stress fracture. I ran fewer miles/week than I have ever run for a marathon, I get plenty of calcium, I strength train, regular female processes, etc. I was thinking about the prednisone I took for the sinus infections - 2 rounds, then a shot. Of course, as soon as I started taking it I felt 1 million times better so I continued to train. I just looked up side effects of prednisone - inhibits calcium absorption in small intestine! I don't know exactly what this proves or anything, but I knew I wasn't doing anything cuckoo that would make me get a stress fracture like most people who get them do!
Anyway, I am not feeling very motivated today to work on my proposal. Boo. Going to do it anyway.

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