Friday, March 10, 2006


For the record, I don't think the water polo team is gay. I just like thinking of them as being gay.
What could be hotter than dudes rolling around together in the water?
I can't think of many things.
Except two cowboys...

Got to eat lunch with Ben yesterday. He is part of a large, San Antonio contingent that I used to hang out with about 15 years ago!!! Whoa. We talked a little about the old days, but mostly about the new days. He writes grants for non profits. He started a non profit that is now run by someone else. Pretty cool. Oregon banned gay marriage, too. Boo.

I am off to swim with Marie. Coach Steve is not going to be there. I hope we stay in the water.
Then a 6 hour drive to LA. I do love weddings, though.

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