Friday, March 03, 2006

AM records

got to see 2 AM records broken last night. 400 IM TMFOAT by Phelps, who was 13 seconds ahead of 2nd place, and the power quadruplet - Neil Walker, my bff, Peirsol, Crocker, and Hansen - broke the AM record in the 200 medley relay. That was really cool.

my record-long crush is also over. thank God because it was driving me a little cuckoo. apparently, the art of conversation is not borne in men until after age 28 or so. I really felt like I was in HS talking with him yesterday, the unpleasant part of HS. I volunteered for the meet, but didn't have much to do. that was ok after I stopped waiting for some job to do. I talked with every person I knew about 1000 times. I am going to try to stay awake and go again tonight, but I couldn't get to sleep last night, and I got up early to go swim with Marie.

I also saw my facebook friends, Phelps and Sandeno. it was funny when I saw them, I wanted to say hi because they look familiar. but, they don't actually know me, so they didn't recognize me. also saw Jason Leezak, Klete Keller, facebook friend, Tara Kirk, some more UT men. they all look cuter with clothes off.

I was thinking there are a few people with whom I could talk about dirt or nothing, and it would be interesting. Brad, TZ, JH, that's about it. I had a huge crush on TZ at one time. I drove around listening to Dave Matthews at full blast thinking about it. funny. I told Brad about the now defunct crush. and we talked about his crushes, which are awesome - 2 women over 40. one may even be over 50. as I lament about aging, that makes me very hopeful.

here's the workout from this morning. I liked it.
meter pool!

WU 400 free, 400 kick with fins
I. 2 x ( 2x25 scull catch, 2x25 scull finish, 2x25 scull thru pull)
II. 2 x (4x100 free on 2:10 moderate pace for me is 1:48ish, 400 free holding faster 100's pace than on the 100's).
III. 200 IM kick, 6x100 fast kick with fins on 1:45 @ under 1:30, 200 IM kick
CD 200 IM ez
I was tired. the 100's were slow. my effort was high on the 400's, but only on the second time thru did I get my 100 pace below. I did get the kicks under 1:30, but that was hard. burning legs.

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