Wednesday, March 29, 2006

middle ground

I think some people, like Brad, experience life with a middle ground. I am trying to see if I can go there, or even figure out what it looks like. It is a foreign concept to me. I am trying to not judge myself regarding being an extreme extremist, but use Mary's "isn't that interesting?" Indeed.
Wading through the grant app. Does the 25 page max include the biblio? Does it include the questionnaires? Do I include the questionnaires or just cite them?

Had a good, challenging workout this morning.
WU 1000 - free, kick, drill, kick, free x 200's
I. 400IM, 2x200IM, 4x100IM.
100 loosen
II. 3x(4x100 FR on 1:45 holding 1:25's. 50 EZ) with FINS!
100 loosen
III. 4x50 fly kick on back arms down
3x50 back kick streamline
2x50 breast kick
CD 200 EZ
My 100 IM's were all under 2:00 with :20R. That was exciting at the end of the other business.

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