Monday, March 13, 2006

stress fracture

turns out I do have a stress fracture in my fibula. very rare. no running 3 more weeks. had to walk thru the rehab area of st.david's. didn't feel nearly as sorry for myself!
reflecting on the wedding. there were some antiquated things that made brad and me bristle with antagonism - obey, man is boss, etc. but, overall the wedding and reception were nice. it always surprises me when people get drunk at weddings.
JH and "DH" were staying with us. that was fun. I swam in barton yesterday. had my fastest 400 there - 6:56! that was the first loop weaving thru "swimmers." don't ask me how I did that. ate at casa de luz last night. mmm, vegetables.
working on my proposal today. after talking with another professor I am doing a bit of an overhaul.

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