Tuesday, March 21, 2006


turned in my proposal to the irb - along with 4 copies to the hed secretary which I printed out on the printer in my office. that took about 7 years. talked with a classmate today who told me it takes 3-4 MONTHS to get irb approval. stink a link. I am all in writing mode. this is a good thing, but now I feel disappointed that just as the wind was making my tiny ship sail forward, I am docked. I have no idea what that analogy means, but anyway. so, I decided to try to work on an advocacy manuscript to try to get published in a little journal. plus lana is going to have some data for me soon. I just have to make an appt with the stats people so they can help me figure out what the heck the numbers mean. eek.
REALLY enjoying the weather. love cold mornings and cool days. awesome.
about a week and a half left of not running. can't beat that. and with my 400 IM coming back, I have nothing to complain about. speaking of, I certainly enjoyed having a week off from my clients. god bless them, but I needed a break. yes, I really want you to do 3 sets, and I really want you to use that weight, and yes, it is challenging, that is why we are doing it. ugh.

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