Wednesday, March 15, 2006

not corroborated

Well, the primary care doc who gave me the prednisone did not concur with my hypothesis that it was related to my stress fracture. I figured he would not because I guess I could sue him. That was not on my mind, but of couse I always want to be right.

Sent my proposal off to IRB. 68 pages - most are double spaced. Making the table of contents was harder than I thought. Apparently there is a way to do it in word, but I couldn't figure it out. Oh, well. Every time I read the thing I make a little change. I figured the IRB won't care if a comma is in the wrong place. Hopefully, I am right. The biblio also gets screwy which I have to go in and fix every time I change something. Oh, well.
I am going to work on that dang grant app tomorrow then try to relax on Friday.

Yesterday, someone from Iran visited Hello, there. Welcome.
Hopefully, my advocacy for all things gay, all things democrat, and all things obsessive thinking sat well with him/her. I figure we have exactly the same opinions about GWB.
Oh, speaking of all things gay. I heard a Republican congressman from MA talking about banning gays from adopting because "every child deserves a mother and a father." So, in addition to banning divorce to protect the sanctity of marriage, we should ban divorce especially of parents so that every child may have a mother and a father. Great idea.

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