Thursday, June 04, 2009

about 10 years apart

Just feeling like listening to myself talk, lately.  Yesterday, sweet Bodie came over for about 3.5 hours.  He was asleep for probably half the time he was here, but the other half, he was not too happy.  I felt terrible for him, as I was not that able to comfort him.  I guess when I can't comfort Hank, I do feel bad, but I just think, well, this is what you got, kid, all my sympathy, love, and knowledge, but this has to work.  Anyway, I do not comprehend how anyone has more than one child.  Only if they are at least 10 years apart.  So funny I have not gotten pregnant.  Funny may be the wrong word.  Would sure be funny if I were, now.  Again, maybe not "funny."  We are trying again, today.  (Bodie, not getting pregnant).  I hope he will be more comfortable here since he has seen the place once.
Today is the first day of CCC team practice for me.  I am looking forward to it.  Then, Marie and Sydney are coming over for lunch.  Then Bodie.  Then I am taking Hank to my parents' later this evening so I can go to one more salsa class.  
Feeling so much more Free about the whole dancing thing.  Like we're supposed to: Happy, Joyous, and Free.  I also realized DID is kind of unpredictable, and think that is another piece of my emotional button.  See, once you have enough therapy under your belt, you don't have to pay someone anymore, you just do it, yourself.  It takes longer, and is probably more unpleasant, but it still works!

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