Thursday, June 11, 2009

dance when no one is watching

World, for the record, "act as if" works whether you want it to or not.  It has worked for me adaptively, in sobriety, but now has seemed to work for me maladaptively.  Consequently, I am taking a little break from sexy arms, figure 8 hip motion, and wearing high heels outside the house.  Not entirely, but I am going to finish out my unlimited June group classes, then try an extremely unsexy dance - Lindy.  I have money saved for another batch of private lessons,  (proceeds from sale of goods) but I think I will hang on to it, or get laser hair removal.
Hank and I went to Don's mom and me water class yesterday afternoon.  It was fun.  He had fun except when Don helped hoist him up on the giant duck, but that was a very brief upset.  He's not crazy about getting his face wet, but he didn't get pissed off.
Enjoying the CCC team.  Sweet as ever.  A little afraid of what sweet Hank will become around 5 or 6 other boys.  It seems to only take one bad apple to steer the whole bunch into meanness or unnecessary competitiveness.  
Here's another good one: "Dance like no one is watching, unless Brad Pitt is watching."

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