Tuesday, June 30, 2009

deciding to mourn

had a hard time figuring out how much to miss Michael Jackson. decided because he was not convicted of any crimes against children, and many children said he did nothing to them, he is innocent. I imagine, due to his own childhood trauma, he liked cuddling with kids as a way of healing himself. while not very kosher, is not sexual, and not harmful to kids. I love cuddling with Hank, and so does Brad, and we are relatively sane. I imagine some opportunistic parents were greedy and the ball started rolling once they pushed it. he did become a farce, I suppose, with all the plastic surgery, reclusiveness, and the baby over the balcony scene. I can't fault him for those things, either, really not having walked in his extreme fame shoes. I do see where money harmed him more than anything. his drug addiction following the pepsi commercial apparently haunted him until death. he apparently did not have anyone around him to tell him no or "force" him to get real help (through intervention/tough love-type thing). that is the most tragic thing about his life, to me. I heard a beautiful and melancholy version of Billy Jean on KUT on Texas Music Matters on Sunday. it was just a rhythm track and the lead vocal. it sounded like it was done in one take, but I don't know. it was pretty amazing. and, in retrospect, I gladly call him the king of pop purely due to his songwriting, well, and his dancing - both so universally appealing and enjoyed by a cross-cultural, cross-socioeconomic, and cross-racial population. that is pretty special. I am not sure the world needed another tour from him. apparently, he felt he still had something to prove. maybe the Universe was letting him know he didn't need to prove anything else. time to move on.

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