Friday, June 05, 2009


On one of the last episodes of The Office, Michael and Holly (Michael's fault, of course) made a snafu during their company picnic presentation.  Holly says something cliché about hindsight being 20/20, and Michael says something like, "Yes, we should have had hindsight, and we would not have made that mistake."
Re:the Universe and "signs."  I went on a date with someone who, on the first date told me he didn't like the Beatles, then argued with me about where they played their last big concert (Candlestick Park).  I could have stopped there, because although it might seem trivial, "not liking the Beatles" could have told me plenty about him that we did not need to continue.  We did have some fun together, but he went on to confirm we were not meant to Be by being categorically opposed to adoption, and our senses of humor were not congruous.  Lastly, I didn't get in to the graduate school in the city where he lived.  (Conversely, it seemed like everything Brad said while we were dating was an enormous Yes).
I think there have been a few times when God used weather to keep me safe - ice storms, e.g.  Not that the ice storm came to Dallas because of me (I do have a grandiosity and self-centeredness problem, but not THAT bad), but that I had plans on a day there was an ice storm.  I don't think God does local weather.  If  God did, Austin would be as over-populated as Bejing.
My point is, hindsight does provide knowledge to use in the future decisions.  Not that the Universe has a human's voice, but that Humans guide us to reach our Higher Selves, we just have to reach some level of Attention.  

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