Wednesday, June 03, 2009

progress, not perfection

I just saw the video of our whole :110.  I am not going to shame shame shame myself, AGAIN, but holy cow, I have been blindly swirling around in a tornado of people pleasing.  It's an insatiable and fantastical pursuit, and I just told someone the other day, "You can't act on what you think someone else wants you to do!"  1) it's irrelevant, 2) it's impossible, 3) it's not fun, and 4) it's not your Purpose!  No doi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's ok.  I just saw how sad I looked dancing, and it ALL made sense.  Thank you, technology.
A couple of weeks ago, I got to watch a very fancy lady dance with this guy whom I don't care for.  She just handled herself like she does with everyone, true to her Purpose.  I personally don't think it's necessarily sexy, but supposedly, she is the sexiest.  She is DEFINITELY the most skilled.  She just did her thing, let him do his thing (looked annoying and weird, to me), and then it was over.  I don't know if he gives her the creeps, too, or not, but it was inspiring, but with an undefinable aplomb.  Now, I know what it was.  She was being Authentic, and she wasn't trying to please anyone except Her Self.
Yes, DID is the teacher, and he provides information.  But IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT HE,  or anyone else, THINKS.  I am surprised this flew right past me, but oh, well.  I caught it.  Hooray, just in time to have fun at the showcase.

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