Monday, June 08, 2009

it takes a Village

in my Wonder Years summation, I will just say that despite my tendency to want to be nurtured by the Vulcan, I got lots of nurturing by all the other people including a big hug from BH afterwards, just like I like it, long and still.  the dancing went pretty well.  I did hit myself in the head with my forearm while turning, but I think I must've been on the back side of the audience because no one I asked saw it.  I wanted to hide so badly before the show, but there was no where to go.  it occurred to me instead of withdrawing to try to help others.  duh!!!  Susi taped my dress to my shoulders, and Liz put my eyelashes on, that was the imperative help I received.  I tried the eyelashes, again, and looked like Lucile Ball in one of the Lucy episodes where her eyelashes are coming off.  I feel a little PSD, but I think that is probably just PMS.  haha.

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